Our Records

We’ve collected the names of thousands of individuals with connections to St. Vincent gathered by doing in-depth research into many record sources. These sources include but are not limited to newspaper archives, passenger lists, census records and books that went out of print long ago.

The records on this website begin in the early 1760s when England took over rule of the island and continue into the middle of the 18th Century.

Our datasets include:

St. Vincent Names from Major Manuscript Collection 1700’s – 1800’s
St. Vincent Wills in England 1766 – 1899
St. Vincent Wills in Scotland 1775 – 1874
St. Vincent Land Records List 1768 – 1777
Individuals Named in St. Vincent Publication – 1773
St. Vincent Almanack – 1779
St. Vincent Royal Land Grants 1787 – 1891
Caribbeana Entries for Individuals from St. Vincent – late 1700s
St. Vincent Individuals in Book Sources – late 1700s
St. Vincent Militia Commissions List: 1787-1828
St. Vincent Military Records – War Office (WO) Discharges 1793-1852
St. Vincent Property Owners in 1797
St. Vincent Marriage Records (from newspapers) mostly 1800s
St. Vincent Government Officers (18th & 19th Century)
St. Vincent Deed Records – early to mid 1800s
St. George’s Anglican Cathedral Memorials – most are 1800s
St. Vincent List of Subscribers – 1830